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17-May-2017 19:51

I was a HUGE Chemical Brothers fan and although they're primarily known as "big-beat" dudes, they had their fair share of acid/deep/hard house (sorry, I can't keep up with all the subgenres : P). Can anyone tell me the name of the late 90's vocal thats a woman singing goes "I need I need a friend bla bla bla someone like youuuu somebody like you" Ty in advance to anyone that can help You guys are great I have to say.Check: "Under the Influence" "Hey Boy Hey Girl" (I used to love dropping this one) "It Began In Africa" (although this one's a bit later--2002) ...can't remember some of their other stuff right now... Reading down some of the lists really brought back some memories for me.) A guy Called Gerald - Voo Doo Ray Ten City - That's the way love is Aly Us - Follow Me De Lacy - Hideaway Sandy B - Make the world go round Ruff Neck - Everybody be Somebody Nuyorican SOul - Runaway So much too list..... House Music...it's Spiritual thing...it's a BOdy thing...it's a SOUL THING! You may want to look into these examples I posted below. "Welcome to my pantie hole...welcome to my panty hole..." "Brush your teeeeeth...brush your teeeeeeth" :) Damn Woody, I need to make some "arrangements" with U if possible to get some of that old school house stuff. I started out DJing Hard House and after all these years going to Hip Hop, Ive gotten rid of all my house records(Big Mistake).This is currently the " sound of Miami" at the moment. But Its cool,a friend of mine gave me a crate of some hard house but its some of the closer millenium stuff. Ive been messing around and want to put up a little mix on the forum soon.I need to put together some cd's for some promoters that consist of some vocal/commercial house classics / house remixes of popular tracks from the 1996-2000 era.I'm not too up on that specific genre or that time period as far as commercial house goes.

Every evil power, driving the vehicle of my life to hell fire, your end has come, RELEASE ME and DIE! Don't forget about the Warp label's stuff from the early 90's; Trick Disco - Tricky Disco LFO - LFO Nightmares On Wax - Dextrous Nightmares On Wax - I'm For Real NIghtmares On Wax - Aftermath Sweet Exorcist - Testfour Sweet Exorcist - Testone And also guess what I found recently from a friend; George Krantz - Din Da Da (a scat classic!) shout outs to ransom, alvarez, bootybass, stuart and woody for some gems!(sorry i'm soooooo out of the loop with this stuff).

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UPDATE 12/07/2014 Congratulations are in order, especially to Roman Reigns wife, Galina Becker. While Reigns is out rehabbing his recent injury, he took the time to.… continue reading »

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