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Little Richard left RCA Victor in February 1952 after his records failed to catch on.That same month, Little Richard's father was killed by his best friend after a confrontation outside his club.Heavily influenced by Wright's flamboyant persona and showmanship, Little Richard began performing as a solo artist on the Chitlin Circuit.In 1951, Wright put Little Richard in contact with his manager, Zenas Sears, a local deejay.Little Richard's family was very religious, joining various A. E., Baptist and Pentecostal churches, with some family members becoming ministers.

On October 27, 1947, Sister Rosetta Tharpe heard 14-year-old Little Richard singing two of her gospel recordings before her concert at Macon City Auditorium.

He began singing with traveling shows that came through town and was losing interest in school.

He would sing to draw people to the local town prophet and spiritualist, Doctor Nubilio, who wore a turban and a colorful cape, carried a black stick and exhibited something he called "the devil's child" – the dried-up body of a baby with claw feet like a bird and horns on its head.

Richard Wayne Penniman (born December 5, 1932), known as Little Richard, is an American musician, songwriter, singer, and actor.

An influential figure in popular music and culture for seven decades, Little Richard's most celebrated work dates from the mid-1950s, when his dynamic music and charismatic showmanship laid the foundation for rock and roll.

Little Richard has been honored by many institutions.