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21-Mar-2017 08:18

My short list was a Finn, two Dutch girls, a Belgian guy (who spoke SIX languages fluently) and a Norwegian.

These people were applying for a position with a contract, 30 days’ paid holiday etc. Incidentally in the Valencian Community only 10% of all new positions advertised last year were with permanent contracts and that is the Spanish and not the ex-pat market place.

Nevertheless thousands come every year looking for a land of milk and honey.

Whilst the grass maybe greener here in Spain (figuratively at least! I have now had some 700 people who work with me / for me so I meet up with a lot of these types of people.

Do not also forget that Spain has one of the highest unemployment rates in Europe and that a lot of the best jobs in Spain are “word of mouth.” That’s not to say that there is NO work.

There is – this is Klondike at the moment BUT you dig your own gold.

Many others give up and either flee back to the UK or mess around with airport runs, villa cleaning etc etc trying to eke out a living until they win the lottery (Spanish or otherwise! I’ll give anybody a chance – that’s my style BUT at the first meeting I know pretty well who’s a talker and who’s a walker.

I know most times who will succeed, who will survive and who will fail.

Over 30 were from English speakers BUT only 3 had the MINIMUM number of languages clearly stated in the advert – three.I have over 400 people who work with me over here on various projects and I am constantly in need of quality people.By the same token I am constantly amazed at people’s job expectations – would you be happy if you rang, say, your dentist in Derby and found that the receptionist spoke only Spanish?That is why you see so many Belgian and Dutch people working for estate agents etc.

From birth they have been comfortable in 3 or 4 languages. One speaks Dutch, German, English and Spanish and the other speaks German, Spanish, French and English.I ask because the more I see of Spain the more I think my fate is in the UK. Ronny” Now, that’s what I call an interesting question. I send them a list of URLs, advise them to join expat forums and do some SERIOUS preparation.I get perhaps 15/20 people every month asking me questions like: 1) Will I get a job as a bowling alley technician? A lot of them have children and many have absolutely no idea whatsoever re education, Spanish, Spain itself, job opportunities etc etc. There are very few employed (as opposed to self-employed) opportunities.Ronny, you are 100% correct in your underlying assumption that many do not make a fist of it. 1) Firstly and most importantly they have not done enough, if any, homework.