8 mintue dating

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colds seriously, and stay away from alcohol (not only | bad for the kidneys, but quite combustible when combined | with the Mars temper).

Skin rashes, painful knee caps and | stomach disorders also plague those born in late March or | April.

The ram's constitution is strong and tough, if he | doesn't abuse it, which he usually does, by ignoring it.

| When you see him confined to bed with little to say, you | know he's really sick.

Some of them lack stability and evidence a child-like lack of responsibility.

Even those who have matured can forget debts in the excitement of the ever-present new challenge of the moment, which will always consume their entire attention.

When he does, he's no longer interested in talking with you. If he's not, then you can easily recognize him by the discontent he clearly shows at being forced to submit to others.

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Both the male and female rams normally have broad shoulders, and they may walk with the body slightly bent forward, leading with the head, so to speak, and almost always in a great hurry.The angry impatience and frustration this always [triggers is the real cause of his health problems.His re-|action to delay makes him ill, and the conscious cultivation | of patience and cautious deliberation would keep the | doctor away. He keeps I the doctor away for years at a time anyhow, until he | either drops in exhaustion or reaches an age when he gets | more sensible. (He's afraid he might miss something.)Because of his forceful optimism, Aries (along with the other fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius) seldom falls victim to the chronic, lingering diseases-which astrology has always taught and medical science now realizes are triggered or intensified by melancholy and pessimism.Even so, it may require handcuffs to | keep him down.

Dating is a stage of romantic relationships in humans whereby two people meet socially with the aim of each assessing the other's suitability as a.… continue reading »

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