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29-Jun-2017 04:17

If you have ever been infected or have helped someone infected with adware, then you most likely have seen your browser being redirected to sites pretending to be Flash Player updates.Instead of a legitimate update, these sites normally push adware bundles that install further unwanted programs on an unsuspecting user.

I’d wager this is true for just about every state in the Union, and probably many times over for some.

The best advice I can give when you encounter a site telling you a program is out of date and offers a downloadable update is to immediately close the web page.

You should only download and install updates from highly trusted sites, and even then, I would still suggest that you go directly to the software developer for updates. It is dangerous place on the Net if you are not careful.

While the page above is obviously pushing a Flash Player update scam, when I tested it, the file that was downloaded was named instead.

Based on this Virus Total scan, I expected it would installed adware or PUPs when executed on a computer.

In other news, the 39-year-old Dutchman responsible for coordinating an epic, weeks-long distributed denial-of-service attack against anti-spam provider Spamhaus in 2013 will avoid any jail time for his crimes thanks to a court ruling in Amsterdam this week. 3, 2013, Krebs On Security broke the story that Adobe had just suffered a breach in which hackers siphoned usernames, passwords and payment card data on 38 million customers.