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26-Mar-2017 12:45

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As emails are used to spread various pieces of malware, whether they are banking trojans, ransomware, adware, spyware or any other malicious piece of code designed to make somebodies day a nightmare, defending that front is a priority.It is a priority not just for companies but anybody that has access to an internet enabled device.The following more examples of how hackers will compose an email to trick you: Emails which appear to be a resume.These emails are composed with the intention of getting the user to open an attachment.Emails referencing sporting or other global events.

Unfortunately, there pervades an attitude amongst the majority of users that hackers are tech-savvy MIT dropouts who can hack into the most complex defense facilities at a whim.Fortunately, despite it been such a critical area needing defense it can be fairly easily done.It involves understanding how hackers use emails to catch users off guard so they install malware.Hackers want to steal data, often from some moral prerogative, rather they want to make a quick buck.

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One of the most malicious malware programs discovered in 2014 was a trojan file designed to look. These often carry malware and viruses and have been.… continue reading »

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Current list last refreshed on Tue, 2018-06-12 at local time Tens of thousands of Android devices are leaving their debug port exposed… continue reading »

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