Am i dating a gay man

27-Feb-2017 04:11

So, unless you are okay with being celibate or looking someplace else for your much-needed booty call, you’ll have to say “pass.” #4 Commitment issues. You may have, at some point in your life, an idea of how you would like your life to turn out.You may want to get married, have children and grandchildren, and you may want your children to have your eyes and your husband’s smile.He’s loving, supportive, and way more sensitive than anyone you’ve ever met.He’s almost the perfect companion for life, the kind of husband you’d want to have…Let’s face it: it’s easy to say or believe that you’re in love with someone—that new intern at work who gets you coffee in the morning, that hot guy in the apartment next door, the member of that new boy band, or even just a random guy who winked at you at the bar.It could just be a crush or infatuation, or maybe you just admire the way the cute guy at your favorite deli knows how to prepare your turkey sandwich just the way you like it.Having sex with a guy doesn’t define you and make you any more – or less – gay than you already are.

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Someone who gets you and your quirks, someone with whom you can watch a chick flick marathon, someone whose sense of style—not to mention impeccable hygiene—you admire, and someone you can go shopping with for hours without even a peep of complaint.

Never let the opinions of others affect your feelings with a man, especially when you are starting to fall in love with him.

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