Articles on white men dating black women

03-Feb-2017 11:35

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The barrage of news reports about the black marriage rate gives the impression that African-American women’s chances of walking down the aisle are bleak.A Yale University study found that just 42 percent of black women are married, and a variety of high profile news networks such as CNN and ABC picked that figure up and ran with it. Toldson of Howard University and Bryant Marks of Morehouse College question the accuracy of this finding.Later, while on a date, my white guitarist and I passed several African American men and one remarked “Why is she with that white dude?” His friend simply responded, “Maybe the brothers ain’t treating her right? While an interesting explanation, it wasn't the case.

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So, black men white women relationships are common. In other words, thousands of single black men seeking white women and vice versa.

We were attracted to each other, he asked me on a date and I accepted.

There are many articles writing abut black men dating white women and this type of relationship has been boom in America, Canada, Australia, UK.… continue reading »

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