Autistic dating

02-Aug-2017 05:31

He was instantly drawn to her round face and beaming smile, and he built up the courage to send a friend request.

Farah (not her real name) quickly added him back, and they began chatting.

I’ve had boyfriends, long term relationships, have been married, and even engaged in a period of promiscuity when I was 18 and 19, but I don’t think I ever actually “dated” anyone.

She was the only girl who seemed to fall in love with him instantly—the only person in the world who cared to understand him.Randy, always ill equipped to read others' emotions, would become nervous she might leave him and threaten to stop eating if she did.Farah felt he sought attention because he was lonely, and she wanted to be there for him because she was lonely, too.I knew what both men and women were doing when they were dating and just chalked it up to more bizarre behaviors. Why is there a need to consult with others about a relationship you and your partner are solely responsible for cultivating?

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Why create some fake persona to attract someone when they’ll eventually find out who you really are and at the beginning instead of months or years later? I definitely don’t get dating, but once I’m in a committed relationship, I seem to be able to manage just as well if not better than many other couples, autistic or not.

Farah lived in Malaysia and he lived in Orlando; meeting in person was an insurmountable barrier separated by 10,000 miles, but that didn't stop them from talking about it all the time.