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05-Jun-2017 05:55

On Thursday, two notable country male singers took the brave step and came out.

Ty Herndon, who charted with such hits as "What Mattered Most," "Living In The Moment" and "Steam" in the late '90s, revealed first, issuing a statement to .

However, it has been Kacey Musgraves' Grammy and CMA-winning "Follow Your Arrow" that has changed the world.

Despite not becoming a bonafide radio hit, the music-buying crowd had something different in mind.

"There's never been a song more affirmative of that in country music, and it's our CMA Song of the year," he had said, obviously referring to Musgraves' "Follow Your Arrow." A few hours later, child prodigy Billy Gilman, who's most notable hit is "One Voice," released when he was only 12 years old in 2000, took to Youtube to release a heartfelt video.

In the clip, he says, "It's difficult for me to make this video, not because I'm ashamed of being a gay male artist, or a gay artist, or a gay person.

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And, I am fine with that," she had said months later, in a blog chat with .

Brandy Clark—Hits include: The Band Perry's "Better Dig Two," Lambert's "Mama's Broken Heart," her own tune "Stripes" There was never a "moment" when Clark publicly came out to a mainstream outlet.

It has always just been a natural component to who she is, which is an admirable thing, especially when the public puts so much stock in "issuing a statement" surrounding someone's sexual orientation.

While Mc Anally received his first major cut in 2008 (with Lee Ann Womack's "Last Call), Clark only recently witnessed a breakout year, charting several co-penned No.

1 hits (The Band Perry's "Better Dig Two," Miranda Lambert's "Mama's Broken Heart").Historically speaking, country music hasn't been as accepting for the LGBT community, particularly among the ranks of its singers and songwriters, as most other formats.But the tide began to turn in recent years, led with the outstanding work of Shane Mc Anally and Brandy Clark (both accomplished songwriters and musicians).It’s also a story of not just gay people; it’s also about our straight brothers and sisters.

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