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21-Apr-2017 15:43

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You simply APPLY and cross your fingers while waiting to see if you get approved.

Since grant funding is (usually) very limited and the need among people great and the applications many, it’s NOT EASY to get grant money.

Unfortunately, many parents avoid paying child support, using a variety of justifications.

Common excuses for avoiding support payments include inability to pay, lack of accountability for the money, unwillingness to have the child in the first place, to protest visitation agreements, or a personal conviction that the amount of the award is unfair.

There are a number of options for recovering child support payments from a parent who is shirking on his or her duties.

Many parents become frustrated with the process, and turn to a private agency to recover the monies they are owed, but there are legal courses to pursue, most of which are free.

It’s often a numbers game — and a numbers game where you actually need to meet the criteria for the grants you are applying.The burden of “deadbeat” parents is placed heavily on women, who are more likely to be awarded primary custody, and deadbeat dads are a well understood social phenomenon in most countries.If a non custodial parent feels that an award is unfair, it is his or her responsibility to file a formal claim with the awarding court.Grants are also (often but not always) handed out on the basis of greatest need first.

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