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02-Apr-2017 16:32

She moved to Nashville as a teenager to work at Opryland, where she had her first lesbian affair.

After landing a recording contract, Chely’s first album, “Woman in the Moon” and her first singles arrived at country radio in 19.

She writes of leaving home at 17 to pursue her dreams of musical stardom, and her fear that she would lose everything if the truth came out. In case you’ve forgotten, before she was a pop chanteuse, Lang was a country singer–and not a marginal one either: she won a Grammy in 1989 for best female country performance.

But the way the story has been rolled out this week shows the signs of a well-planned marketing campaign, one that sells Wright as “the first country star to come out.” And thereby seeks to obliterate a real lesbian pioneer, K. It was only in 1992, when she was ready to burst out of Nashville, that Lang declared her sexual orientation — which set her up nicely for her subsequent triumph as a pop singer.

Wanna read how she cried during sex with former boyfriend Brad Paisley? About how fellow country star John Rich sent her into a depression by questioning her sexuality?

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So, while country radio and the Grand Ole Opry are missing out on a first-class talent, it’s great that real fans and LGBT people still have Chely around to offer support and give people courage to be themselves and not be afraid.

Given that is said to be less “country” than her previous albums, Wright’s announcement that she’s gay looks like nothing so much as a genius way to transition out of country and into either a mainstream pop or a sustainable folk-rock career.

Wright may be worried, as the many stories claim, about losing her country audience, but the truth is she’s set herself up so she doesn’t need them anymore.

After all of the years of living in denial and fighting to be happy, but not out, she was ready to end it all.

Fast forward to January 26, 2006 — a cold winter’s morning when Chely stood defeated in her Nashville home with a loaded 9 millimeter gun in her mouth.

Since Wright went public Monday in an interview with magazine, the Internet has been abuzz with speculation about whether her country career can survive the revelation. Granted, Wright’s an expressive singer and a gifted songwriter, but her stardom peaked between 1999, when she hit No.