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07-May-2017 01:01

People are still fleshing out the definition of the latter.

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“It’s hard enough holding it together, but it’s even harder when you know people are misjudging you and not giving you credit just for getting out of bed.” Sometimes people like Dolan face stigma that makes them feel as if their disorder is not legitimate.

It is easy to dwell on behavior and overlook subtle patterns in emotion and thought.

At first glance it seems like high-functioning depression would — by definition — be more treatable than severe forms of the disorder.

Internet users have entered the phrase, “high-functioning depression,” as early as 2004, according to data from Google Trends.

The date of its first in-person use is unknown, but both clients and mental health professionals likely mentioned the label well before 2004.Imagine someone who seems to be living a perfect life.She has a great job, a loving and supportive partner, and plenty of fun outside of work.People with this type of depression, however, are likely to be successful, ambitious, perfectionistic, lonely, or anxious.

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