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04-Mar-2017 09:18

By the way, the aforementioned Conor Oberst performs as guest singer in the song ‘Would You Rather’ from the album.There is no doubt that she is a shooting star and that the world will hear much more about her – she is already supporting artists such as Bon Iver.Oberst, however, seems to be drawing from current experiences and cultivating new forms of expression rather than refurbishing tried-and-true tropes, themes, and imagery.He’s finding new ways to navigate new perplexities and realizations.Whether a song is rereleased by the same artist, or covered by a different artist, new versions can oftentimes be an improvement on the original or serve as intriguing supplementary material. With his new release, (tracks limited to piano or guitar accompanying a single vocal), added seven additional tracks, and released an album of material fully accompanied by guitars, percussion, and other instruments.With a lyricist as adept as Oberst, who also possesses a uniquely evocative voice, a stripped-down album such as is something to celebrate, all the more so as in recent years Oberst has grown more discerning with his natural intensity, developing an appreciation for nuance and focusing on lyrical and vocal subtleties more so than on earlier recordings.

For artists such as Oberst, to relinquish one’s self-perception as a tragic figure, an outsider, the irredeemable one, constitutes a Kierkegaardian leap and fundamental artistic risk; and yet, such a shift seems requisite, if the art is to remain vital.

Rereleasing material can be a tricky business, as an original recording often creates an indelible impression on a listener, making it difficult for a new “take” to be received with fresh ears.

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