Consolidating data warehouses

02-May-2017 20:21

Data warehousing is a vital component of business intelligence that employs analytical techniques on business data.The concept of data warehousing was introduced in 1988 by IBM researchers Barry Devlin and Paul Murphy.As the person responsible for administering, designing, and implementing a data warehouse, you also oversee the overall operation of Oracle data warehousing and maintenance of its efficient performance within your organization.

Data warehouses separate analysis workload from transaction workload and enable an organization to consolidate data from several sources.

More sophisticated analyses include trend analyses and data mining, which use existing data to forecast trends or predict futures.

The data warehouse typically provides the foundation for a business intelligence environment.

The first step is data extraction, which involves gathering large amounts of data from multiple source points.

After the data has been compiled, it goes through data cleaning, the process of combing through the data for errors and correcting or excluding any errors found.For example, a database might only have the most recent address of a customer, while a data warehouse might have all the addresses that the customer has lived in for the past 10 years.There are certain steps that are taken to create a data warehouse.Warehoused data must be stored in a manner that is secure, reliable, easy to retrieve and easy to manage.