Dating a cuban man

15-Mar-2017 07:27

Cubans are very curious about the world outside and marriage to a foreigner seems to be a way out of their problems.

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That being said, there is a woman that lives in my very apartment building who has been together with a Cubano for 12 years…and married 9 of those years. As with all things in life…“The squeeky wheel gets greased”. In january of this year, I went to Varadero to visit my father with my mom (they still have a good relationship) and there he was…

I just go with the flow and planning on returning soon, but not for the wedding.

I will wait but there’s so much time I can wait since it is very expensive for me.

Aswell as huge cultural, climate and language differences, lack of family in Europe was a real problem.

Of course some relationships work, but many appear not to, from what I know and have heard. well my father is just not a good husband lol and she didn’t want to come to Canada. My father sometimes brought me little presents from Cuba, from him.. Which at that time, I did not pay too much attention..When I left at the airport he asked if I would marry him some time. Of course it’s a beautiful story and he wants me to tell the whole world about it because we both know about the bad reputation of Cubans getting married just to get out of their country.I have my insecurities as he’s a lifeguard and I witnessed myself his lifeguard friends all having foreigners girlfriends.if so he will not get out alive haha He’s also young and wants a family, that could keep him busy and motivated to stay.. I’m sorry that your wife has a hard time adjusting. I personally would of tried living in Cuba, or both countries, but because of my shared-custory of my son, I’m stuck here.

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