Dating in the french culture

08-Mar-2017 20:41

Introduce students to the borrowed words in their native language or the place-names of our country.This helps students to realize they already know many words in the target language (i.e. Some of the foods they eat are another example of the influence of foreign cultures (i.e. A good introductory activity is to send students on cultural scavenger hunts to supermarkets and department stores and have them make lists of imported goods.

Culture shapes our thoughts and actions, and often does so with a heavy hand" (Seelye- 1984-1993).(developed by Taylor & Sorenson, 1961) Culture capsules are generally prepared out of class by a student but presented during class time in 5 or 10 minutes.The concept was developed by Taylor & Sorenson (1961).the way they do because they are using options society allows for satisfying basic physical and psychological needs, and that cultural patterns are interrelated and tend mutually to support need satisfaction. Then, the objectives that are to be achieved in cross-cultural understanding involve Processes rather than Facts.