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Three weeks ago I hadn't seen her car for a week.I was in shock, but I was also excited because maybe now she'll realize that she can have a better man -- me! Yesterday, I told her to give me a call when she wants me to take her out to lunch. I've had my eye on this woman for two years now. I won her trust, emotional support, and her respect. If he finds out she’s dating a 20-year-old man at work, he will probably beat her up even more.Most women with healthy self esteem will want a man all to themselves. You should realize that she’s just someone you date, and you should date other women as well.They would not be willing to share, as she seems to be. Why spend all your “boyfriend energy” on just one woman when you already know she’s not the one.

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It's probably better if she would have done this immediately when it happened, but it's better late than never.You can also do a little research about the best places to meet an older woman in your city (often grocery stores, gyms, etc.) and spend a little time there flirting with the single ladies.If She's Interested In Dating You While You Have A Girlfriend, She’s Probably Got No Intention Of Leaving Her Husband: Number four.First and foremost, she needs to take care of her domestic violence problem.