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13-Jun-2017 06:32

you have a very nice way of writing and it was so easy to relate to your feelings.

Anyhow I just came to the West Bank (in Palestine) for work until April, this place is the worst WORST WORST place in the world for people like us.

If I was gay, I think this place would be fantastic because men here are all basically forced into intimate relationships with each other because they cannot have access to women during their youthful hormonal years, I think every man here has has been with another man... so even the hot-shot males (the ones who in our high schools would have been with all the girls) get nothing until they are placed with a woman for marriage.

Anyhow I'm here alone in my house (ok I have bought a couple parrots to keep me company, but thats just to keep me from jumping off the roof, it is no substitute for companionship)...

and I found your article, it made me happy to "meet" someone similarly vexed.

At any rate I've lived in many countries too with similar experiences to yours.

I agree with you that america is awful, lonely and fully of idiots (and frigid women)...

She is one of the hottest girls on this list but there is almost no information about her except that she represented Kyrgyzstan in the Bride of the World pageant in Macau in 2012.

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they are there and beautiful and so so so very loving) - its also a great place for fun travels, safari's etc and I know the owners of many of the lodges there...

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Plus I think there are quite a few unattractive western women who want to find hot African males (I see it all the time on the ground) and there could be interesting tour options there as well..

I know you might not think of those places as rich dating grounds but they are fantastic.