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When Qadhdhafi accuses the British royal family of staging "an arranged crash" out of pique that "an Arab man might marry a British princess," he inadvertently hints at his own feelings were his daughter to plan to marry a British man.Muslim girls are forbidden to marry out of the faith or marry a social inferior, and the police logs are brimming with cases where families have murdered their daughters or sisters for breaching these cardinal precepts.Simply put, as an Egyptian security guard was quoted saying, "in the West, they hate Muslims." What makes the Arab press so especially intriguing is the manner in which it builds on its own hypothesis, reporting the merest whimsy as solid fact.Some journalists assumed that Diana had already converted to Islam: "Recite the Fatiha [the opening chapter of the Qur'an] for the soul of Diana" read one headline, implying that she was a Muslim at the time of her death.

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Not only that, but the press saw confirming evidence everywhere.

There, the presence of Diana's Egyptian companion, Emad Mohamed al-Fayed (known as Dodi) gave the event a political and religious cast that inspired a far more political media coverage.

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