Divorce lawyers dating clients

19-Jul-2017 18:14

My God, I was already in my mid-twenties when I watched a friend's parents show me for the very first time what true love was; when I saw a gleam in an eye and witnessed a man as he became instantaneously twenty years younger every time his wife of 40 years walk into the room.

Yet that ideal marriage (at least from my perspective, and probably not from the perspective of their son), while something I have never forgotten, was less of an influence on me than that of the tame (I am purposely choosing my adjectives carefully) marriage of my parents. I left for my own sanity first, for my own piece of mind.

I pigheadedly maintained that by staying in my house, I was doing a service to my children who needed their father present on a daily basis.Was I showing my son how to be a good husband or how to treat his wife one day? After all, the only marriage I had really known as a child was that of my parents.The way they interacted with one another served as my basis for what a marriage should be.Divorce is a life change; and the decision to divorce (as well as many of the in-divorce decisions), belongs not to the lawyer but to the client. There is no longer the black-and-white directive: "Don't leave your home. " This is not a lawyer's decision; nor is it a decision considered in a vacuum.

Let's see what we can get in return for you to voluntarily leave." That remains an option, but it is not the first option. It's easy - and somewhat profitable - for the divorce lawyer to say "Stay!

Three years ago, having been a practicing divorce lawyer for 29 years with a subspecialty of high conflict divorce, I thought I knew everything there was to know about divorce.

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