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Richard Irvine Best and Osborn Bergin Electronic edition compiled by Donnchadh Ó Corráin, Hildegard L. Tristram Funded by University College, Cork and Professor Marianne Mc Donald via the CURIA Project. Text ID Number: G301900Availability [RESTRICTED] Available with prior consent of the CELT programme for purposes of academic research and teaching only. Frassa derga tentide oc ferthain forro chach n-aidche 2186] & cach laí. & nos cobrat a n-almsana i mmedón in mara 2197] tened co bráth & foíditir do phurt bethad iar mbráth. guth ind 2512] árchaingil Michil doraga d'erfuacra na hesergi co coitchenn for in 2513] cinud ndóenda co n-epri friu fo tri .i. l^ is guth 2514] nemchorpda atbeir Ísu sund d'estecht dona marbaib .i. 7940] In tan dodeochaid Mac Cecht triasin tres fuithairbi dochom 7941] in tige is and ro boí días oc béim a chind do Conaire. conid de ro len in t-ainm a mmag 7981] do ingor Meic Cecht .i. 7982] Asluí dano Conall Cernach o brudin & dochúatar tri & luid iar sin co rránic tech a 7984] athar & leth a scéith inna láim & a claideb & brurech a dá gai.

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