Homo dating sim

16-Jul-2017 06:12

Currently, there are two pre-made same-sex couples in The Sims series.However, several other Sims are implied to be gay or lesbian in their biographies.In The Sims 2 for PSP, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to complete the game without forming romantic relationships with both male and female Sims.

If Into the Future is installed, couples can travel to the hospital in Oasis Landing and pay §5,000 to engineer a baby together that will be the biological child of both, regardless of the sexes of the parents.

Same-sex couples can go steady with one another and get engaged in the same way as opposite-sex couples.

All adult and elder Sims who have not lost a child to the Social Worker can adopt by using the Call... If the Sim who calls the adoption agency is married or joined, their partner will be considered the co-parent of the adopted child, and will receive a line on the family tree.

If they are allowed to act with free will, or if story progression is enabled, they may pursue a same-sex relationship autonomously.

In The Sims series, every Sim is technically bisexual, as he/she can be directed to have a crush on, fall in love with, engage in romantic interactions and Woo Hoo with a Sim of either gender, provided they are of the appropriate age group(s).

While gender plays no intrinsic role in the chemistry between two Sims, it is possible to mildly influence a Sim's gender preference by choosing facial hair (only available to males) or make-up (available to both sexes, but very rarely worn by male pre-mades) as a turn-on or turn-off.

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