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See more » Years ago I saw Alex de la Iglesia's film, Accion Mutante, and I really liked it, despite the poverty-row budget.It had interesting, though unsympathetic characters, whose antics were fun to watch and an amazing artificial world full of surprises.They then frequent the players' favourite haunts in the hope that one of them will take notice.This tactics have worked for some while others have been left lamenting over their wasted efforts. Some date them to raise their profile in order for their careers to flourish, others just want fame, fortune and the luxury of not having to work for a living while some genuinely do it for love.The term 'dating' is used loosely on this occasion.Thompson first came to the public eye after it was revealed that she had a couple of liaisons with Manchester United and England captain Wayne Rooney while working as an escort.This all went down while Rooney's wife was pregnant with their firstborn son.She again was in the spotlight when Mario Balotelli's team outed their affair in a bid to apparently avoid being blackmailed.

These include hefty weekly wages, luxurious vacations, expensive cars, huge mansions and o If you ask most people what they know about footballers they will list the obvious perks of their profession.

The conclusion is that women love footballers and footballers love women.