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14-Apr-2017 19:05

Putting everything together, the Fed data says Asians have the highest odds for becoming millionaires, which I find odd since Asians are a minority that represent roughly 5% of the American population.Asians still face discrimination just like Hispanics and Blacks.But I’ve noticed there’s only an uproar for a lack of diversity at higher paying companies and industries.No uproar can be heard in grade school teaching where the majority of teachers are female (I’m a high school tennis coach).

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But with Blacks with Master’s degrees only having a 7% chance of becoming a millionaire compared to a 37% chance for Whites, something seems very wrong.Luckily for us, Bloomberg has compiled three highly insightful charts based on Federal Reserve data which I’d like to show you today.The chart says that the more education you receive, the higher your chance of becoming a millionaire across all races.Therefore, one may hypothesize that Asians and Whites make up a greater representation of investors in stocks, bonds, and real estate.