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(Matthew -5 ) And Judas Iscariot, one of the twelve, went to the chief priests, to betray him to them.

Who hearing it were glad; and they promised him they would give him money.

But the balance of authority is in favour of the affirmative.

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But these textual difficulties and questions of detail fade into insignificance beside the great moral problem presented by the fall and treachery of Judas. And the difficulty is greater with the greatness of the guilt, with the smallness of the motive for doing wrong, and with the measure of the knowledge and graces vouchsafed to the offender.The Synoptic Gospels do not notice this office of Judas, nor do they say that it was he who protested at the alleged waste of the ointment.But it is significant that both in Matthew and Mark the account of the anointing is closely followed by the story of the betrayal: Then went one of the twelve, who was called Judas Iscariot, to the chief priests, and said to them: What will you give me, and I will deliver him unto you?Mark tells that Judas said "Hail, Rabbi" before kissing his Master, but does not give any reply. Matthew, after recording these words and the traitor's kiss, adds: "And Jesus said to him: Friend, whereto art thou come:" ( ). Luke ( ) gives the words: "Judas, dost thou betray the Son of man with a kiss ? Matthew is the only Evangelist to mention the sum paid by the chief priests as the price of the betrayal, and in accordance with his custom he notices that an Old Testament prophecy has been fulfilled therein ( Matthew ; 27:5-10).