Paintshop photo pro x3 zes at updating cache settings

08-Apr-2017 15:13

Here are some ways to fix corruption in either one of those areas. Resetting Workspace Resetting the Workspace in Paint Shop Pro is handy when certain tools or features are missing which need to be retrieved. When I try and open PSPX3, the organizer shows the spinning blue circle, and that just stays there forever.At the top of the program it says "not responding". I've had PSPX3 for about six months, haven't had any problems before.As your skills and confidence grow, you can harness the power of professional-quality features such as HDR Photo Merge, Histogram, Curves and Levels Adjustment tools to make precision edits.You can even get creative with artistic effects and filters to turn your favorite photos into fun projects to share with family and friends.

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Unique makeover tools let you whiten teeth, remove blemishes and paint on a tan, so you can make everyone look their best before printing or posting photos online.Please reinstall from your original source." the problem is with the installer that you are using.The best solution for this is to call our Tech Support and tell them that you are getting that error message.(The X3 database is the same as the X2 one and is found in the same place).

There are two Corel Knowledgebase articles that give instructions for this - Paint Shop Pro Photo freezes on "Updating cache settings"and Saving files is very slow in Paint Shop Pro Photo X2.

On the Processes tab of task manager, it will be called I think there are two possibilities.