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25-May-2017 10:52

Do you want to know what women have achieved now and what the future holds for women and work?Let's polish up our crystal ball and make a few predictions based on current statistics and projections about women and work.In 1988, the respective shares were 45 and 55 percent." As you might expect because of home and family matters, "in 1998, about 4 percent of full-time workers were absent from their job during an average work week — meaning they worked less than 35 hours during the week because of injury, illness, or a variety of other reasons.About 5.1 percent of women (including 5.6 percent of women aged 20 to 24) were absent in the average week, compared with 2.7 percent of men Among those absent, women were somewhat more likely to be absent for reasons other than injury or illness.As recommended by the Women Employed Institute, make women more aware of careers that offer higher pay opportunities.Most women's jobs are clustered in "female" occupations that pay poorly.By 1998, nearly three of every five women of working age were in the labor force.

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Employers, most importantly, need to be knowledgable about the pay gap that still exists between men and women doing comparable work.If a woman knows she is making less money than a man, and all other issues appear to be equal, she owes it to herself to take the case to her boss and to Human Resources.She can help to create a more gender-friendly workplace and promote her own worth.Tired of reading about Carly Fiorina, the former Chairman and CEO of the merged Hewlett-Packard - Compaq?

Fiorina and other successful women such as Condoleezza Rice, Sherry Lansing or Martha Stewart are the poster faces for the ' You've come a long way, baby' spin doctors.

Women continue to dominate lower paying domestic, clerical support, and administrative-type occupations.