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28-Feb-2017 01:16

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I was a mate on an eighty-foot yacht, then a skipper.

Delivered yachts around the West Indies and did charters with people from New York, just found myself at Galveston and left that and displayed it around the States for a bit.

Shane’s not here tonight but I am joined by Emeritus Professor Geoff Scott from Western Sydney University.

He’s Pro Vice- Chancellor but also runs the Office of Sustainability there.

This is the myth of intentional career development by six steps, really. Seemed to come along without a lot of strain actually, in those days. I certainly put down teaching as a choice, and engineering.

I think I just wanted to do outdoor stuff basically and live by the sea, really. I got interviewed to work in engineering and then I got into medicine, as well. Like Afghanistan was stunningly beautiful and very safe and Iran was good. It’s just changed completely, in terms of sustainability, social harmony, actually top of the agenda and cycles that have been through life.

It’s all of those who are leading on the various decks to actually have some intent about turning the ship.

I went again, serendipitously, and I did my Masters there and then ten years later, my friend Michael Thorne, who I met then in the Masters, he then asked me to come back and got me a big scholarship to do my doctorate so I did both my Masters and my doctorate in Toronto.

I was out actually in to academia I didn’t know what to do. This bloke called Tony Johnson said, “What are you doing here?

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