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He was preceded in death by his father Fred, mother Julia, beloved sister Mary Schelle, brother-in-law Henry Schelle, Jr., father-and mother-in-law Robert and Laura Tagtow, daughter- in-law Donna Bowar, grandson Laddy Christensen, and great-granddaughter Tyra Bowar-Choal. “Bill” Comp, 65, of Presho, SD will be am Thursday, July 12, 2018 at the United Methodist Church in Presho. “Bill” Comp was born September 30, 1952 in Winner, SD to Corwin and Nellie (Hauschel) Comp.

Visitation will begin one hour prior to the services. He grew up in the Presho area and attended country school until moving to town school during second grade.

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In 1956 he went to work for Mertens Chevrolet, then in 1971 for Gilman Chevrolet and then in 1981 he went to work for Halverson Oil. His hobbies included spending time with his children and grandchildren, the Kennebec Volunteer Fire Department for 51 years, reporting and recording the weather for the National Weather Service for over 40 years, camping with his wife Gloria, and being part of the American Legion for over 50 years.

He ended his working career with the Lyman County Highway Department before retiring in 2017.