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He made his name at Lille, appearing 142 times and earning a big money move to Valencia - which led to Milan in 2014.

It didn't work out in Italy and he returned to Spain with Sevilla, before returning to his native France in the summer to don the blue of Marseille.

There are plenty of girls younger than you, how do you do this? There are a lot of fake and phoney relationships out there, people just trying to get noticed." Anderson was first spotted watching Rami play for Marseille against Domzal FC in August, but wasn't a lucky charm as the Frenchman was forced off through injury in the 23rd minute.

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“A romantic relationship should move forward little by little in order to avoid a potential misunderstanding (wherein your partner could think you just want a one-night stand),” notes Meetic.“Either it’ll be a relationship that’s just sex, or what we call a normal relationship.However, kissing or sleeping with someone who you are going to see again doesn’t mean that she’s your girlfriend.” All of the sources I consulted for this article had to spill a lot of ink explaining Americans’ first-stage “just dating” concept to their French readership.“Parodoxically, in this clearly monogamous context, it’s not cheating to have various overlapping romances during the dating period,” says Terrafemina.

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“You can go out with three, four or even more people.” “Dating” is defended by Laure Danglade, a French writer with a novel on the subject. […] Americans don’t want to close any doors until they’re really sure that they’re attached to someone.” The French pickup artist site French Touch Seduction also gives the behavior a thumbs up, saying it avoids the “hypocritical pretense of being exclusive from the moment of the first kiss”.

They have various expressions for the act; rouler une pelle — to turn the spatula — is particularly popular.