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09-Apr-2017 16:11

As long as you can see that intelligence, I think you’re good. If they needed a castle, they wouldn’t CG a castle, they would build it.

How was it seeing the movie for the first time last night?But now Peter is much more angry, much more frustrated, headstrong and self-entitled.And I really had to get in touch with all those angry emotions and take it out on my fellow little siblings, which wasn’t easy at times.When you’re doing a junket and two actors come into the room together, it’s sometimes a frustrating experience—one will take all the questions while the other sits back, or sometimes they’ll even joke with each other rather than answer anything.

But with Georgie Henley (who plays the youngest Pevensie, Lucy) and William Moseley (who plays the oldest, Peter), who have been working together for the last four years on the two Chronicles of Narnia movies, it’s like hanging out with your favorite younger cousins.And having Skandar and Will around it’s like I’ve got two big brothers.Especially Will—he’s always there if you want to have a cuddle on set, which is lovely.He’s always darting around, and you’ve got to look for him and things.

Anna Katherine Popplewell born 16 December 1988 is an English film, television and theatre. The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian, in which she acted with William Moseley, Skandar Keynes, Georgie Henley and Ben Barnes.… continue reading »

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