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But then, unlike Bharati and his admired, soporific friend, Herbert V. And indeed, to devote ones life to becoming an expert in the details of a pile of sanctioned baloney, then trashing anyone who doesnt buy into the same brand of foolishness, strikes me as being one of the most absurd ways in which to waste a life.

At any rate, Paramahansa Yogananda—whether phony or not—slowly accumulated a core of close disciples as the years passed, and thus began a monastic order in his own Swami lineage.

Interestingly, Bharati (1974) regarded Yogananda as a phony, lumping him in with T. He simultaneously, though, took Chgyam Trungpa as having taught authentic Tibetan Buddhism, presumably even in the midst of that gurus penchant for stripping the disciples.

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In that environment, he wrote his Autobiography of a Yogi, a perennial sleeper best-seller among books on spirituality, generally considered to be among the Top 100 spiritual books of the twentieth century.

The enterprising young yogi spent the years from 1925 to 1936 lecturing to capacity crowds in halls throughout America, spreading knowledge of the holy science of kriya yoga.

As far as the channels through which one may receive his variant of that particular set of techniques of meditation, Yogananda explained in his (1998) Autobiography: The reader may then ponder for him- or herself as to what possible reasons any organization could have for thus restricting, to itself, the dissemination of the techniques of its founder, after the latters death, when no such restriction was put in place during his life.

That is hardly surprising, given his exalted spiritual state: I have seen God myself. [Those titles and terms refer to royal, service, wisdom and devotional yoga, respectively.] These are incredibly nave, incredibly short excerpts from Indian literature in translations, rehashed in his talks in America and elsewhere....

I have negated name and form, and what remains is Existence-Knowledge-Bliss and nothing else. Bharatis own contributions to the understanding of mysticism, however, themselves tended toward the insignificant side.One such early direct disciple, Faye Wright, began following the yogi in the early 1930s, entering the ashrams in her late teens.Now known as Daya Mata, she figures significantly in contemporary SRF culture, as the current lifetime president of Self-Realization Fellowship.We in India have watched with wonder and fascination the phenomenal spread of the popularity of this book about Indias saints and philosophy.

Swami Kriyananda; a life of discipleship – Service to SRF. to date, some three million copies with Yogananda's teachings that would not have been. It also made almost every conversation with SRF devotees like walking in a minefield… continue reading »

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Aug 13, 2017. SRF Website. How is a devotee to respond to the mass negativity in the world. in a relationship and you cry all day, ask yourself, “Am I dating a human or an onion?… continue reading »

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I loafe and srf devotees dating my soul, Learn about worldaudit. org, the World Democracy Audit, corruption, press freedom, the rule of law, human rights, and.… continue reading »

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