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14-Jul-2017 03:25

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And I don't believe in waiting three days from first meeting or first date.

I will say, though, that it's worth adding a little more to this fairly generic text if you're feeling confident. One doesn't want to upset the balance by texting too much, too often or too many weird things. It's inevitable that, sooner or later, you'll forget a book or earring or other personal item at your gal or guy's place, but then you don't want them to think that you left it there on purpose, so as to garner an invite to come hang out sometime soon.

If those exciting, dizzying first months wind up being the beginning of a long-term relationship, you'll likely look back at those yards and yards of texts with a mixture of bemusement and affection — how painstaking it was to decide whether to write "hi" or "hey".

How cautious you were about texting too often or too little!

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If you hardly text him or purposely take hours to text him back, you're likely sending him the wrong signal (read: I'm not into you).

In my own personal experience, this was a text sent to me just after I'd opened the emoji floodgates, and I was very impressed with the person on the other screen and his emoji abilities. And it's for the best, because it's wise to go slowly — but it takes major restraint of pen. Of course, if you're dating someone who really gets you and invites you to the most amazing concerts, art events, films and dance performances, even better. And then, one day, out of the clear blue sky, someone sends the heart-eyes emoji. Or — if you are the brave first-sender of this emoji, then you probably commence holding your breath immediately afterward until you hear back. Too soon to send after a few months, when you're on a business trip and your boo is at home; so right to send after a few more months than a few more months, when you're in Greece with your girlfriends and your partner is across the ocean.