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Chelsea Piers Summer Ice Skating Camps offer comprehensive instruction for skaters of all ability levels.

If you’re going to see the show, and I do recommend it, you might want to have a discussion about the branches of government, definitely go over who those founding fathers were, and also touch on The Constitution and Bill of Rights. is a 60-minute, one-act musical, recommended for children ages eight (8) and up. All donations are 100% tax-deductible and will go directly to offset program costs. Songs by Brad Alexander and Kevin Del Aguila; Sam Forman and Eli Bolin; Joe Iconis; Tommy Newman; Ryan Scott Oliver; Adam Overett; and Erik Weiner, Mark Weiner and Jordan Allen-Dutton.

You don’t have to give a full civics lesson, but a little background will go a long way. The performance schedule is as follows: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday – a.m. For every you donate, you are entitled to one reserved VIP seat for the performance of your choice. Show Advisory: Kid Friendly Genre: Musical Cast List: F.

After doing the timing belt, valve cover gaskets, and couple of other small repairs it is time to tackle the last big thing; the clutch.

Along with the clutch I will be replacing the rear main seal (also called the rear crankshaft seal) and the input shaft seal on the transmission.

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I’m a total civics and history geek so I love having these discussions, but I think they would’ve gotten more out of the show had they understood some basic workings of our government beforehand. are FREE and available on a first-come, first-served basis in-person at the Lucille Lortel Theatre Box Office (121 Christopher St.) starting at a.m. w=300&h=208" data-large-file=" w=660" class="size-medium wp-image-1170" title="We the People: America Rocks! Choose the gloves you want BUT instead of opting for one pair, opt for TWO pairs.The J4K Goalkeeper Gloves that are under sponsorship scheme THIS MONTH for ADULT – J4K Ultimate Pro Grip Roll – J4K Fusion Pro Gel Grip – J4K Hydro Supa Pro Grip– J4K Supreme Pro Grip Negative and JUNIOR – J4K Ultimate Pro Grip Roll – J4K Fusion Pro Gel Grip – J4K Hydro Supa Pro Grip– J4K Supreme Pro Grip Negative Please Note: Because couriers have put prices up, what we have had to do is charge an extra £4.75 to cover the cost of shipping and other associated costs to get your free sponsored gloves to you. J4k is positive you will understand and will be happy to cover this small cost to receive your free gloves but sadly it was the only way J4K could continue to do this sponsorship scheme in light of price of postage.Our supportive, international coaching staff introduces campers to the fun and fundamentals of skating.