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Only statutes that describe felony offenses are included.

In three of the five states examined, the statutory provisions do not even apply to 17-year-old women, but to those 16 and younger.

Further, most states specify a minimum age that the "perpetrator" must be to be charged or specify a minimum age difference between the partners.

Table 1 (page 62) describes the statutory provisions prohibiting sexual intercourse between adults and minors aged 15-17 for five states with the greatest annual number of births.

While prior research made important contributions showing that adult males father many of the children of adolescent mothers, such studies have tended to treat teenage mothers and their adult partners as a homogenous group.

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The role of adult men in adolescent childbearing has received heightened attention in recent years, and new policy efforts have focused on statutory rape laws as a way to reduce adolescent childbearing.

The minimum age difference required for a felony offense ranges from three to seven years, with Florida not specifying an age restriction for men who engage in sexual intercourse with women younger than 16.

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The median age difference appears to be five years.

For example, in 1988, babies born to women aged 21-30 were fathered by men who were, on average, three years older than their partner.